About Us

Tai Hing Logistics Ltd. provides variable kinds of logistics distribution services, including China-Hong Kong cross-border Trucking, Hong Kong Transportation & Delivery, China-Hong Kong cross-border Container Haulage, Warehousing & Distribution services, Vanning/Devanning services, Labeling Repacking services, Value-Added on services, Heavy Project Transportation services, Customs Brokerage services and etc. We can also customize your logistics services by providing tailor-made logistics services plan with lower logistics cost. We are always here to help and provide professional ideas and plans that are related to logistic services in Hong Kong and China.

Tai Hing Logistics Ltd. was established in Hong Kong since 1989. We have over 20 years’ experience on logistics fields and we proudly build a professional and experienced logistics team today. Tai Hing Team grows with the company and obtains the qualities of loyalty, integrity and effectiveness to serve our customers.

In order to solve problems and fulfill customer’s requirements, Tai Hing team provides variable kinds of strategies which are effective and flexible. Furthermore, our excellent long term relationship with popular manufactures and famous logistics organizations proves that we are always striving to make our service more and more competitive, and ultimately benefit our customers in every possible way.


China-Hong Kong cross border trucking

Container Haulage

Hong Kong local transportation

Warehousing Management

China-Hong Kong cross border/local Heavy project transportation

Logistics in Mainland China

Customs Brokerage Services

Added-Value Services